martes, 17 de enero de 2017


¡Feliz año nuevo! Happy new year!

A continuación, os mostraremos las lecturas graduadas en inglés que hemos propuesto para nuestro alumnado:

                                          1 ESO (Grupo flexible) y 2 ESO (PMAR)

COLBOURN, Stephen. The Lost Ship. Heinemann Graded Readers.

In this mystery story, a sea captain and his crew find a drifting, empty ship. The captain goes on board and he soon discovers a terrifying secret.


TWAIN, Mark. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Penguin Readers.

Tom Sawyer loves adventures. He has them at home, at school, and with his friends —Huck Finn, Joe Harper, and Becky Thatcher. Tom has one adventure in a graveyard, one in an old house, one in a cave. Who does he see in those places—and why is he afraid?


GROOM, Winston. Forrest Gump. Penguin Readers.

Everybody tells Forrest Gump that he’s an idiot. But he’s a great football player, and he plays the harmonica beautifully. He’s also a brave soldier. But can he ever marry the girl he loves? This story of his journey through life is sometimes sad and sometimes very funny.

1 Bachillerato

PUZO, Mario. The Godfather. Penguin Readers.

Don Vito Corleone is the ‘Godfather’ of New York’s richest Mafia family. His business is built on fear and murder. Vito’s son Michael wants a quiet life away from the family business. But that’s not easy, and slowly Michael becomes the most dangerous gangster of them all…

N.B. Para el resto de grupos, se ha creado una biblioteca de clase con los libros de lectura del Departamento de Inglés.


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